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For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. –Sir Isaac Newton 1686

Not to beat a dead horse, but if you’ve consumed any of our content or watched our Founder's Story, you’ve heard that hair loss (androgenetic alopecia, male or female pattern hair loss) is simply caused by a blood flow restriction to the hair follicle.

What is shocking is that there isn’t much information available around this discussion. In fact, it took me over 10 years before I discovered this and spent thousands of dollars and tried countless hair loss remedies that didn’t work in the process.

If you are experiencing hair loss or thinning hair and have done any research on your own, what conclusion have you been told that is the cause of hair loss?


What Causes Hair Loss?

Most likely you’ve been told that hair loss is genetic and sooner or later if you are one of the unlucky ones, which includes over 30% of men by the age of 30, who are going to experience hair loss.

But what’s most troubling is that there are not any real solutions presented aside from minoxidil and finasteride, click here to read why these are NOT the answer.

Did you know that nearly half (48 percent, 121.5 million in 2016) of all adults in the United States have some type of cardiovascular disease, according to the American Heart Association's Heart and Stroke Statistics.

The above statistic was published in the Association's journal Circulation. Did you see the last word of that sentence?


One person dies every 37 seconds in the United States from cardiovascular disease. There are different forms of cardiovascular disease, but the most common by far is caused by a blockage in the arteries that are supplying the heart muscle with critical oxygen.

The good news is that this is treatable. In fact, it’s not only treatable but in the far majority, it’s preventable by lifestyle choices and diet.

So the big question is:

Can Hair Grow Back After Thinning?

I, for one, would like to suggest that the answer to that question is a resounding, YES!

So I would like to tell you how I have personally overcome my own hair loss genetics, thinning hair, receding hairline, male pattern baldness, or any other word that the medical jargon has coined the symptom behind what’s really happening to your deprived hair follicles.

I think there are 3 key steps that are most effective for completely stopping and reversing hair loss.

This is the protocol I have shared with family, friends, all the way up to LA rock stars that have performed at Super Bowl halftime shows. Suffice it to say it works!


Step 1: Increase Circulation And Blood Flow

The foundation of every hair loss regimen that I suggest to everyone when they come to me asking how to stop and reverse their hair loss starts with Adegen ARB Shampoo+ SM Brush.

Why do I believe this is the foundation of every hair loss regimen?

First, because it is something that is familiar and common to everyone. Like brushing your teeth, washing your hair is something that we all need to do as part of a healthy daily routine.

The problem is that the $5 billion dollar hair loss market is flooded with the shampoos that make big promises but in my experience from spending thousands of dollars trying, testing, and analyzing ingredients in labs, fail to deliver results.

All hat and no cattle as they say in Texas.

The other problem with shampoos, and even with our formula (that has clinical levels of active ingredients proven to actually make a difference fighting hair loss) is that the epidermis is designed to keep those ingredients from reaching your hair follicles.

The good news is that by using the Adegen SM Brush in conjunction with the shampoo it dramatically increases the effectiveness and results. The SM Brush helps open the scalp to receive the shampoos active ingredients by removing dead skin, dandruff, and pore-clogging sebum.

While also stimulating the scalp and increasing the natural circulation and blood flow. The combination takes what I once gave up hope on (a hair loss shampoo that actually worked) to now being my #1 starting point for any hair loss regimen.

In fact, if you watch our free presentation, you heard the story of one of my best friends, Derek, who was losing his hair and by using only the Adegen ARB Shampoo+ SM Brush he was able to completely stop his hair loss without the use of any topical solution or any other product. Pretty awesome!

Step 2: Restore Blood Flow To The Hair Follicle

The next step in your arsenal of kicking hair loss’s [insert profanity here] is a topical solution that actually focuses on stopping the cause of hair loss and not the symptom like every 5% generic minoxidil topical on the market.

It blows my mind that big companies like Hims, Keeps, Roman, and others are still trying to convince people to buy their product for a premium when Rogaine has been off-patent for years and you can get the exact same thing off the shelf at your local CVS or Costco.

They are relying on people not educating themselves thoroughly so people keep falling for the same products and ingredients in new packaging.

I digress (can you tell I get a little fired up about this stuff?).

Adegen ARB Topical Solution is revolutionary because it is stopping hair loss at the site of hair loss; the hair follicle.

What is ARB?

ARB is an acronym for Androgen Receptor Blocker.

ARB is a proprietary blend of linoleic and oleic organic fatty acids that block DHT from attaching to the androgen receptor of the hair follicle. This is extremely powerful because unlike minoxidil only topicals, Adegen ARB is actually addressing the underlying problem and cause, not just the symptom of hair loss.

As I mentioned in the book minoxidil is like if someone is standing on a water hose restricting the flow and you try to turn up the pressure without removing your foot from the hose. ARB is taking off the proverbial foot on the hose.

Depending on the severity of hair loss there are two options.

  1. Adegen ARB Topical Solution–5

  2. Adegen ARB Topical Solution–15

Step 3: Restore Hair Health

And finally, you can combine either of the topical solutions with the Adegen 10X Roller to take it to an even more powerful offensive that gives hair loss has no choice but to surrender.

What problem does the Adegen 10X Roller solve?

The epidermis is the outer layer of your skin which is not only the largest organ in your body but also designed as a protective barrier against external elements.

The same way the thick skin of an alligator is designed to protect him in his element, our epidermis is designed to be a protective barrier and keep anything from passing through.

Do you see the problem when trying to apply a topical solution to the hair follicle? The epidermis by design is keeping the topical solution from penetrating to the hair follicles.

By rolling the 10X Roller gently over your thinning and hair loss area prior to applying the ARB Topical solution, you are creating micro-channels that dramatically increase the absorption and effectiveness of the active ingredients.

Studies have shown the increase is over 1500%+ when compared to using just a topical alone.

Not only does it increase the effectiveness of the topical solution, but using the adegen 10X roller also creates micro-abrasion which signals the body to send increased blood flow and nutrients to the area.

Since blood flow restriction is the cause of hair loss, this has dramatic effects in regrowing and restoring your hair to life.

You can watch the full Adegen Protocol in this video:

So there you have it. Those are my suggestions for a 3 step protocol to completely stop hair loss and give you the opportunity to never have to worry about it again. This protocol has not only changed my hairline, but it’s given me a renewed confidence and peace I never thought possible 10 years ago.

It’s also given me the ability to help many other people struggling with the same roller coaster of emotions that hair loss causes and to be honest that is the most rewarding experience that this 10+ year journey has afforded me.

Adegen is a passion project and the exact same ingredients and formulas that I use personally.

I am a product of the product.

That's How To Stop And Reverse Hair Loss

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November 8, 2021

I see someone else asked this question but I don’t see any of the questions answered.
What happens when you stop using Adagen? Or do you have to use it forever?

Are there any risks associated with the roller?


November 8, 2021

Why is Niacin safer than minoxidil? They are both vasodilators, which is a little scary.


April 12, 2021

Do I need to use the shampoo everyday? Will it suffice to use it once a week?

Christopher Barrty

April 12, 2021

how do you clean the roller


April 12, 2021

I had a series of hair transplants 20 yrs ago. For the first 10 yrs it looked great but now my hair is starting to thin again and my crown is balding. Would your products work for me, and how long would it take to see results?


April 12, 2021

How long will it take to ship products to Japan if I order today ?

Antz salvador

April 12, 2021

Hi! i’m from manila philippines amd I would like to know where I can order, buy your product and how much does it cost?

Mohammed Chowdhury

November 25, 2020

Hi, it was really astounding feeling to read the article. I had a auto immune thyroid condition for which i lost a lot of hair and here became thin. I am not bald. I have good hsir still. What can be the ideal solution to treat my thin hair and stop hair falling and to regrow those hairs that has fallen.
Thank you


November 25, 2020

How soon can you see the result? And how long do you have to use the products?


June 4, 2020


I would like to know whether I need to take this product consistently ? Will the hair growth and reversal stops once I stop taking these medications ?

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