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The only epidermis roller ever designed specifically for hair loss and the scalp.

What problem does the adegen 10X roller solve?

The epidermis is the outer layer of your skin which is not only the largest organ in your body but also designed as a protective barrier against external elements.

The same way the thick skin of an alligator is designed to protect him in his element, our epidermis is designed to be a protective barrier and keep anything from passing through.

Do you see the problem when trying to apply a topical solution to the hair follicle? The epidermis by design is keeping the topical solution from penetrating to the hair follicles.

By rolling the 10X roller gently over your thinning and hair loss area prior to applying the arb topical solution, you are creating micro-channels that dramatically increase the absorption and effectiveness of the active ingredients.

Studies have shown the increase is over 1500%+ when compared to using just a topical alone.

Not only does it increase the effectiveness of the topical solution, but using the adegen 10X roller also creates micro-abrasion which signals the body to send increased blood flow and nutrients to the area.

Since blood flow restriction is the cause of hair loss, this has dramatic effects in regrowing and restoring your hair to life.

The 10X rollers are hand made and each and every single needle is placed by hand under a magnifying glass.

Why does that matter to you? Because other inferior and lower quality rollers are stamped metal rather than individual needles. They’re easier to make, cost the manufacturer less and make the company more money.

The problem is that’s not what’s best for you. Stamped metal, when used on the scalp, will cut through the epidermis rather than making a perfect micro-channel like the 10X roller.

This will damage your scalp and damage your hair follicle.

Finally, the needle configuration, depth, and diameter of the needles, as well as using only the highest quality Japanese acupuncture needles make this the highest quality and safest epidermis roller on the market by far.

Hair loss is history!®