Do Hats Make You Go Bald?

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I get this question a few times a week so you may have been wondering or heard that hats can cause or increase hair loss.

First, it is absolutely critical that you understand what is actually causing hair loss.

What Causes Hair Loss

65%+ of our entire body is made up of only one molecule.

How crazy is that!?

Oxygen is literally the human life molecule and every organ in our body needs it to not only function properly, but to survive.

The body is a miracle machine and it’s circulatory system pumps this critical nutrient all throughout our entire body in the form of oxygen-enriched blood.

Our blood supply is the vehicle that transports not only oxygen but every other nutrient to our organs.

And yes, your hair follicle is an organ.

Just like the heart has a "heart attack" when its blood supply is blocked, our hair follicles are under attack when their blood supply is blocked as well.

Despite what you’ve been led to believe, you do not lose your hair because you’re not getting enough biotin or vitamins and minerals.

And that’s why supplements are so ineffective at reversing hair loss.

Your body has plenty of nutrients, but they are not getting to the hair follicle because the vehicle (blood supply) is being blocked.

So let me answer this once and for all...

Can You Go Bald From Wearing A Hat All The Time?


Hats do not and never will cause hair loss.

Unless you’re wearing it so tightly that your eyes are popping out and it’s cutting off your blood supply.

But that would be so painful that you would never wear it that tightly.

There is so much confusion, often intentional, around hair loss and I suffered for years losing my hair.

But now I can confidently say, hair loss is history, and it is a feeling I only want to share in hopes of helping others.

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April 12, 2021


Gil Browning

April 12, 2021

I’ve tried everything! Starting to get the typical horseshoe balding! Thought about hair transplants which would be around 10000 dol!! Don’t know! Don’t want to be bald and it’s hard to believe any product that may grow my hair back!!

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