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Are you looking for the world's best and most effective shampoo when it comes to cleansing, restoring and protecting your hair against thinning and hair loss?

Welcome to Adegen ARB Shampoo+.

What makes this shampoo so special and what can it do for you?

If you are frustrated and have tried every other “hair loss” shampoo on the market but keep losing your hair, you can now breathe a sigh of relief.

In his quest to solve his own hair loss problems our founder, John Goss, tried every hair loss shampoo on the market. Natural shampoos, organic shampoo, argan oil, ketoconazole, caffeine shampoos, the top-selling “hair loss” shampoos on amazon and nothing helped.

He actually gave up hope that any shampoo could have any real benefit fighting hair loss whatsoever.

He even spent over $50,000 of his own money testing and analyzing different shampoos in laboratories under mass spectrometry to determine their level of active ingredients.

What he discovered was shocking and that many of the most expensive shampoos and the ingredients they were claiming on the label tested well below the clinical levels necessary to make any impact (but just enough to make a label claim to sell you and put money in their pocket).

The other problem he discovered is that the scalp and epidermis (outer skin layer) are designed to keep any shampoo or effective ingredient from passing through to reach the hair follicle.

First by creating a high-quality shampoo with clinical dosage levels of proven active ingredients like caffeine, zinc, niacin, and Adegen ARB™️ which inhibits DHT from attaching to the androgen receptor of the follicle.

Then combining it with the Adegen SM+ Brush which removes pore-clogging dandruff, dead skin, sebum, and stimulates the scalp to increase blood flow and help the active ingredients penetrate the epidermis to reach the hair follicle, we can confidently say this is the most powerful and effective hair loss shampoo system on the market.

Many people have completely stopped their hair loss by just using these two products together.

Directions: Massage a generous amount onto wet hair and scalp to create a lather. Using the Adegen SM Brush, vigorously brush your entire scalp especially in any thinning hair area. Sufficient contact time is necessary. Leave on the scalp for at least five minutes and then rinse clean. You may then apply a quality conditioner if you would like.

*Every purchase of Adegen ARB™️ Shampoo+ comes with (1) SM Brush for free. We highly recommend you order a second SM Brush (one for each hand) for the best results and to accelerate the application process.

Hair loss is history!®