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If you asked our founder, John Goss, he would say this is the closest thing to liquid gold when it comes to fighting and winning the battle against hair loss.

If you’ve read his book, click here for a free copy, then you will discover the real one and the only actual cause of hair loss. And why other topical formulas, like minoxidil, fail to solve the problem.

The reason is that minoxidil is treating the symptom of hair loss rather than the actual cause, which is a restriction of blood flow to the hair follicle.

Finasteride (Propecia) and dutasteride are also only treating the symptom by trying to reduce DHT, when in fact DHT is a natural and healthy hormone necessary for optimal health.

If you’ve been on finasteride and have felt depression, brain fog, slowed healing, and chronic fatigue, you are not alone. John struggled with those same side effects for many years.

What makes Adegen ARB™️ Topical Solution–5 so different and powerful is that it is treating the actual cause of hair loss.

Adegen ARB™️ is a completely safe and natural fatty acid complex that inhibits DHT from attaching to the androgen receptor of the hair follicle.

This revolutionary technology safely and completely protects the hair follicle from the negative effects of DHT where it is happening– the hair follicle, but without compromising hormone levels throughout the rest of the body like finasteride.

While other active ingredients synergistically stimulate blood flow and help the transmission of ingredients pass through the epidermis to the hair follicle.

Directions: Using the dropper, apply 1 mL or enough to cover the entire hair loss area directly on to the scalp once per day.

Hair loss is history!®