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There is a big misconception that people have when they start to notice that their hair is thinning or experiencing hair loss.

Understandably, you’d think that you need to be extra careful with your scalp and gentle to the hair not to cause further hair loss, but the exact opposite is actually true.

By aggressively brushing your hair and scalp, you stimulate blood flow to your hair follicles and the increased circulation is what the deprived hair follicle needs to function normally.

By being over gentle to your hair and scalp you are actually contributing to and making your hair loss worse.

By using the Adegen SM Brush you are stimulating the scalp and increasing critical circulation while simultaneously removing dandruff, pore-clogging sebum, and increasing the absorption of Adegen ARB™️ Shampoo’s active ingredients to the hair follicle.

This is the same principle behind using the Adegen 10X Roller with the Adegen ARB™️ Topical Solution.

Other articles and publications talk about scalp massage which is attempting to accomplish the same objective, but without a specifically designed brush for hair loss with stiff bristles and a configuration like the Adegen SM Brush that passes through the hair easily, it is not nearly as effective.

During the design and manufacturing process of the Adegen SM Brush our founder, John Goss, tried many other shampoo brushes, but they were not designed for this purpose and didn’t stimulate the scalp sufficiently.

The Adegen SM Brush was custom designed and molded with a special plastic that has very strong yet thin bristles so it can easily pass through the hair without pulling, but strong enough to stimulate the scalp necessary for improved circulation.

The Adegen ARB™️ Shampoo SM Brush procedure is as follows:

Before you apply the shampoo rinse your hair with warm water. Apply a generous amount of Adegen ARB™️ Shampoo and massage with your fingers to create a lather. Then take the Adegen SM Brush and vigorously brush the scalp (with shampoo still in) 10-15 passes over every part of the scalp, especially in any thinning hair areas.

You’ll notice that your scalp will get slightly red as a response to the brushing. This increase of circulation and blood flow to the hair follicle while simultaneously helping the absorption of active ingredients reach the hair follicle is the secret key to success.

Again, this is counterintuitive to what most think. Do not be afraid to brush aggressively.

Then after brushing, apply a little more shampoo and massage it in and let it sit for the duration of the shower.

You want to allow as much contact time as possible, so leave it on until the end of your shower and then rinse out – 5 minutes minimum.

If you use a conditioner, apply it after rinsing out the shampoo.

Hair loss is history!®