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What if I told you that you never had to worry about hair loss again?

If you are looking for the most complete hair loss restoration and prevention system ever created, you have just reached the summit.

This is the exact same set of products that our founder uses personally.

The Adegen ARB™️ Kit No.2 is the ultimate solution to restoring your hair to optimum health and never having to worry about hair loss again.

The No.2 Kit includes:

  • (1) Adegen ARB™️ Shampoo+ ($69.95 USD Value)
  • (2) Adegen SM+ Brushes ($39.95 USD Value)
  • (1) Adegen ARB Topical Solution–5 / 5(S) / 15 / 15S / 15X ($149.95 USD Value)
  • (1) Adegen 10X Roller ($69.95 USD Value)

There are extremely powerful synergistic benefits when using these products together.

By combining the Adegen ARB Topical Solution with the Adegen 10X Roller, studies have shown that you are literally increasing the effectiveness by a factor of more than 1500%+.

Then, similarly, by having (2) Adegen SM+ Brushes to use with the Adegen ARB Shampoo+ you increase not only the speed of application, but the effectiveness and absorption of the active ingredients for results never seen before in a hair loss shampoo.

To learn more about each of these individual products and how they can help you, please click on the individual product name under “Products” in the main menu (top left) for a complete product description.

A personal message from our Founder:

I was laying in bed last night after I just used the 10X roller and the arb topical solution–15 and was thinking, "I haven’t fully realized how grateful I am for this stuff".

As humans, it’s really easy to take for granted the good things we have in life and I’ve been using this stuff for so long that I kind of forgot.

My thought was, "wow, I’ve spent years and years and hundreds of thousands of dollars worrying about losing my hair and I honestly don’t have to worry about it ever again..."

I can promise you that made me feel really, really good and I took a huge sigh of relief.

Millions of men and women are struggling with thinning hair and hair loss and they don’t have to. But because of the current antiquated legal and medical system they are.

I’ve actually struggled with anxiety for many years in the past and I don’t know if hair loss or the personal insecurities that came with losing my hair played a major role.

But I do know I am incredibly thankful for the Adegen team of chemists and engineers that have made these products and formulas available for me.

Yes, I am a product of the product and I guarantee I am more obsessed with hair loss than anyone. If there is one person that doesn’t want to lose their hair, it’s me.

And I feel privileged and a great responsibility to help and serve you with the same products and formulas that have changed my life.

Hair loss is history®,

John Goss
Founder & CEO