Adegen Referral Program


Have you ever heard the expression, "put your money where your mouth is..."

Well, this is me doing exactly that in a big way.

I’m no mathematician, but offering $20 off plus another $20 to the person who referred them is a total of $40.

How can Adegen be profitable giving away $40 for every referral?

Answer: We’re NOT.

We’ll definitely be losing money.

Next question: are you crazy?

Answer: it's possible.

The truth is... I’m all in!

I’m not playing small and all of my bets are on Adegen.

I am so confident that Adegen can first change your world and then the world, that I’m quite literally betting on it.

I believe once someone tries Adegen and experiences the life-changing results of never having to worry about hair loss again they will become, like me, a loyal customer.

They will reorder in the future and even though we’re losing money initially, we’ll be able to make it up on the back end.

But this whole bet and strategy all hinge on one epic thing...


If we don’t deliver on our promise and people don’t get results, I will lose and Adegen will go out of business.

But, I am that confident in Adegen and the products and formulas that have changed my life, as well as many others, that I’m willing to risk it all!

So, this is me literally putting my money where my mouth is and not just promising you this stuff works.

I’m betting the entire business on it!

Results or nothing.

World-class or nothing.

Hair loss is history® or nothing.

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John Goss
Founder & CEO

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