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Sensitive is the new strong.

So, why a sensitive scalp formula?

The regular arb topical solution—5 is really strong by design.

It is without question the strongest, most powerful, and most effective 5% hair loss topical solution ever developed.

Part of that is due to the Retin-A which helps create new cell turnover and also helps carry the active ingredients through the epidermis.

But it may also cause some dryness and light flaking for the first couple of weeks.

This is completely normal and in fact, a good sign the active ingredients are taking effect and restoring life to your hair follicles.

It also uses propylene glycol as a base and delivery vehicle. A very small percentage of the population is sensitive to this and we wanted to make the same life-changing formula available for them too.

Enter Sensitive Scalp 5 formula... (cue Adegen Theme Song).

This formula substitutes retinol in place of Retin-A and glycerin in place of propylene glycol while still including the revolutionary Adegen ARB and other active ingredients from the regular 5 formula.

This is perfect for those looking for a more sensitive, less drying formula.

Also, this would be a great solution for women that aren’t washing their hair every day because using the regular 5 night after night without washing the scalp can cause some flakiness (again that is a good sign) but women, having a much lower hormone level, don’t necessarily need that kind of strength to completely stop and reverse hair loss.

Is it as effective as the regular 5 ARB topical?

It’s really close, but if the regular is a 10/10 (which it is) the sensitive scalp formula is a 9/10.

Barely less effective but dramatically more sensitive to the scalp, so it’s a great trade-off.

Hair loss is history!®