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  • “I noticed a difference in my hair almost immediately relative to other therapies.”

    Mahmood • 10 Month Progress

    “I’m 51 days in and I’m already seeing results! I am blown away by this protocol.”

    Gina • 5 Month Progress

  • “Adegen has changed my life and given me the confidence that I lacked before.”

    Paul • 9 Month Progress

    “If you’re skeptical, good. Trusting in a hair product that claims to regrow your hair can be really tough. Thank you Adegen.”

    Cole • 3 Month Progress

What Makes Adegen Different?

No pills, no side effects

Easily incorporate our products into your daily routine without any hassle

Targets hair loss at the source

We use a full suite of specialized formulas and tools for a holistic approach to hair loss

Results in as few as 3 months

Say goodbye to your hair loss and gain the confidence you deserve

Here's How It Works

Adegen uses a powerful combination of products to effectively stop and reverse hair loss

The In-the-Shower Duo

Say goodbye to sebum, dandruff, and dead skin blocking your hair follicles. Our ARB Shampoo and SM Brushes work together to give your scalp a deep cleanse, while also stimulating blood flow for healthy hair growth.

The Out-of-the-Shower Duo

The 10X Roller is a special tool designed to create tiny channels on your scalp. By doing this, our proprietary ARB Topical formula can easily reach the hair follicle and leading to noticeable hair growth in as little as 90 days.

Hair Regrowth In 3 Easy Steps


Scalp Exfoliation

Did you know that deeply cleaning and exfoliating your scalp is the first step towards achieving healthy and fuller-looking hair? It may sound counterintuitive, but it's actually essential for restoring your hair follicles to their former glory.

To get started, wet your hair and massage our ARB Shampoo into your scalp. Then, take our specially designed SM Brush and use it to vigorously brush your entire scalp, paying special attention to any thinning hair areas. This process helps to remove dead skin, dandruff, and pore-clogging sebum, allowing the active ingredients in our formula to penetrate the scalp and reach the hair follicles.

But don't rush the process! It's important to let the shampoo sit for at least 5 minutes before rinsing to ensure maximum effectiveness. Trust us, your scalp will thank you for this invigorating and cleansing experience!


Micro Abrasion

Have you ever tried to apply a hair growth serum or topical solution to your scalp and felt like it wasn't working? The reason for this is because our skin's top layer, known as the epidermis, is designed to protect us from outside elements. This can make it difficult for topical solutions to penetrate to the hair follicle.

That's where our 10X Roller comes in.

By gently rolling the device over your thinning or hair loss areas, you create tiny channels that allow the ARB Topical solution to penetrate deeper into the scalp and reach the hair follicle. This increases the absorption and effectiveness of the ARB Topical ingredients, giving you the best chance at promoting noticeable hair growth.


Apply Our ARB Topical

If you're on this page, there's a good chance you've likely tried using "DHT Blockers" to regrow your hair. But did you know that reducing DHT can cause negative side effects?

That's why our ARB Topical Solution takes a different approach. It contains a natural fatty acid complex that inhibits DHT from attaching to the hair follicle without reducing the amount of DHT in the body.

Our topical formula is completely safe and natural, so you don't have to worry about any harmful side effects while regrowing your hair. Simply apply the solution to the affected areas and let it work its magic.

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ARB Regrowth System

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Start regrowing your hair in as little as 90 days using our clinically studied, all-in-one regrowth system.

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“I’m 7 months in today and in the last few weeks I’ve been getting a lot of compliments and questions about my hair. This product is slowly but surely changing peoples lives. Looking forward to the next seven months!”

Chris W.

Verified Buyer

“I was 30 years old but my hair looked like it was on its 60’s. I was desperate. I took my chance with Adegen and 3 months later I have a head full of hair.”

Edrian S.

Verified Buyer

I hopped onto the Adegen bandwagon on March 24 of this year. I must say I was kinda skeptical at first. I stuck with the regime and it’s at week 8 my hair is much fuller!

Francois J.

Verified Buyer

Real People. Real Results.

  • “Adegen is really an amazing product. I have a hair loss/thinning history of 12 years. After using Adegen for a couple of months, I can say that I will be fully recovered in a few more months.”

    Emran N.

    Verified Buyer

    “I hit the 90 day mark in late June. Hairline has definitely crept lower, sides have filled in, and there are new hair sprouting all over the place. Hairloss is history.”

    Adam E.

    Verified Buyer

    “I’ve tried it all!! Laser hats, all the before/afters that sell a dream not a solution. THE WORLD NEEDS TO KNOW!! Adegen will help so many people!”

    Daniel V.

    Verified Buyer

  • “For the first time in a long time, I’m genuinely happy and confident about the way my hair looks. And to be able to have that without a hair transplant? Amazing. John Goss... you’ve got a fan for life!”

    Joseph L.

    Verified Buyer

    “It was true what John said: hair loss WAS history. I am thrilled to not think much about my hair anymore. Except to feel overwhelming gratitude for being alive at the same time as John. My wish for you is equal success or better.”

    Pamela W.

    Verified Buyer

    “After six months, I only lose like 5 hairs when I’m in the shower. Am I dreaming?! For months I would get these clumps of 20-50 hairs and I didn’t think it would ever stop, but it did!”

    Tyler W.

    Verified Buyer

Meet The Founder

I’ve spent over 20 years and hundreds of thousands of dollars trying to solve my own hair loss. Thanks to Adegen I don’t have to worry about hair loss ever again. 

In high school, I was voted “Best Hair,” but at 18, I started losing my hair and my confidence. With family in the medical industry, I started to seek out a solution. 

After trying all the products in the market, and traveling the world, I realized everything offered was a scam and didn’t even begin to target the root cause of hair loss: lack of blood flow. 

So I started Adegen. I found products that not only work, but address the root cause.

— John Goss

Our 90 Day Founder's 

Money Back Guarantee

After 20 years of research and development to solve my own hair loss problem, the last thing I want to do is take advantage of someone's desperate situation and sell them a product that isn't going to help them. The only reason Adegen is here today is to serve others and make a real difference in the world.

I have no doubt that Adegen is the most effective complete hair loss solution available, but I also want to take away any fear that you may have when it comes to investing in a new hair loss treatment. That's why we are willing to take the risk ourselves and offer you a no-questions-asked, 90 day money-back guarantee. That means you can get started with the Adegen protocol today, try it out for 90 days, and if you don't see any noticeable regrowth we will issue a full refund.

With that said, please realize that we can provide you the best hair loss solution available, but it's imperative that you're consistent with the protocol and give it time to see real results. Since the early growth phase of the hair cycle is about 90 days, that's when you should start to see noticeable regrowth. We have many customers that see them earlier, but we want to under promise and over deliver in order to set strong expectations with our customers. So, give the system 90 days of consistency and — like thousands of others — you can make hair loss history too!


Make Hair Loss History

The Adegen hair regrowth system is the ultimate solution to restoring your hair to optimum health and never having to worry about hair loss again

Trusted by 9,000+ happy customers

90 Day Money-Back Guarantee