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Trusted By 10,000+ Happy Customers

With All Different Types Of Hair Loss

  • 5.0/5

    “Thanks to John and Adegen I did make it to my wedding day with a full head of hair and because of this product I have so much confidence now with something that used to cause me so, so much grief and embarrassment. These results are very real and very possible for all of you!”

    Bryan M.

    Verified Buyer

  • 5.0/5

    “I really don’t have words to express the gratitude I have for John Goss and the entire Adegen family. Guys, this stuff REALLY works. Being skeptical is a good thing. This was the missing piece. I am forever grateful for John, his expertise, and extensive hair loss research.”

    Angela E.

    Verified Buyer

  • 5.0/5

    “Thank you Adegen & team, you changed my life. 8 months today on the protocol. I had to go to the barber for my first clean cut of the summer today. First picture is around 2 weeks on the protocol. The other pictures is from today! That smile of satisfaction says it all!”

    Mathieu R.

    Verified Buyer

  • 5.0/5

    “I spent thousands of dollars I didn’t have, seeing specialists with zero results. I can’t begin to express how utterly helpless and depressed I was. The pictures speak for themselves. Thank you for not only restoring my hair, but also a little more faith in humanity.”

    Eliana B.

    Verified Buyer

  • 5.0/5

    “I can’t tell y’all how close I was to shaving my head before I started using Adegen. I’m so stoked to say that thought won’t be crossing my mind again! The proof is in the pudding, y’all. If you’re skeptical, good. Trusting in a hair product that claims to regrow your hair can be really tough.”

    Cole L.

    Verified Buyer

  • 5.0/5

    “I’ve been losing a lot of my hair for the past 10 years and have spent a lot of money trying to grow my hair with ZERO results. I’ve had so much shame around my hair loss for the past 10 years. When I think back on it, it was so exhausting. I’m so grateful for Adegen!”

    Sarah M.

    Verified Buyer

  • 5.0/5

    “Just wanted to post my progress pictures here because I know when I first considered biting the bullet and ordering adegen I was HIGHLY skeptical and it was mainly photos like these that convinced me to finally try it out. Thank you so much the Adegen team!”

    Connor C.

    Verified Buyer

  • 5.0/5

    “Anyone else feeling their confidence soar by having better and better hair days? I haven’t been able to wear my hair down for ten years and I can now! People are noticing too. I’m getting a lot of, “You look great!” I’m five months into the protocol. Thank you, thank you Adegen!”

    Chris L.

    Verified Buyer

  • 5.0/5

    “I couldn't be more thankful for John and his team in making the vision of reversing hair loss an actual reality. You guys are literally changing people's lives for the better. From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU! I'm very happy with what I'm seeing so far.”

    Chris L.

    Verified Buyer

What Makes Us Different?

Side Effect Free

While other solutions aim to get rid of DHT levels in your body, the Adegen Protocol doesn't disrupt your hormone levels at all. What this means is that you'll experience all of the hair regrowth possible with none of the side effects like brain fog, fatigue, anxiety or decreased libido.

Backed By Science

Most "hair loss" companies sell off-label minoxidil or finasteride and slap some fancy branding on it. After over a decade of innovation, our founder has worked with some of the world's brightest medical minds to formulate a safe and effective solution that's now been used by thousands of men and women.

A Simple, Daily Routine

Our regrowth kits are the world's first holistic solution to solve the root cause of hair loss — a lack of blood flow to the hair follicle. Say goodbye to morning routines weighed down by sub-par supplements and evenings wearing a laser helmet.

Here's How Our Routine Works

Step 1: Clean & Exfoliate Your Scalp

Most people think that when they start experiencing thinning hair they need to be extra gentle to not make it worse. However, the exact opposite is actually true.

Our process starts by deeply cleaning the scalp and removing all dead skin, dandruff, and pore-clogging sebum using a combination of our regrowth-friendly ARB Shampoo and Scalp Massage Brushes.

“I couldn’t be any happier honestly. I went thru one bottle of shampoo and my hair is so much darker, healthier, thicker and have seen some new growth as well. Thank you Adegen for an amazing discovery and product and I am forever grateful for you!”

Step 2: Create “Micro Channels”

The outer layer of our skin by design naturally keeps any topical solution from penetrating to the hair follicles. Our 10X Roller solves this problem.

By rolling our 10X Roller gently over your thinning and hair loss area prior to applying our ARB Topical, you create micro-channels in the scalp that dramatically increase the effectiveness of the topical formula.

“I can tell you right now that the Adegen roller is way better. I've tried a cheap version in the past and as soon as I picked up the Adegen 10X Roller - you could feel the quality in the build.”

Step 3: Target The Source Of Hair Loss

Now that the scalp is cleaned and prepared, it's time to target the root of the problem.

Our Adegen ARB is a completely safe and natural fatty-acid complex that inhibits DHT from attaching to the androgen receptor of the hair follicle.

This industry-leading formulation safely protects the hair follicle from the negative effects of DHT where it's happening – the hair follicle – without compromising hormone levels throughout the rest of the body. This means you get all of the regrowth with none of the side effects.

“I’ve tried everything over the last 4 years and nothing helped except for Adegen. Thank you for this magical product!”

We're Taking An Honest Approach To Hair Loss

One Life Changing Transformation At A Time

Amazing Products; Amazing Company

“As a woman, dealing with losing my hair was absolutely devastating. For 2 years, I tried countless supplements and products and even spent $3,500 at a hair loss clinic—all with no positive results. Then I found Adegen, and everything changed. I have regained all of the hair I lost and it just keeps getting better. I get compliments all the time on my hair, which I never thought would happen based on where I had been. Not only are the products amazing, but so are the owner and his team. I have received nothing but the best customer service, care, and support from this company. I have felt so supported and uplifted by everyone on their team. Not many companies today can say they support their customers at this level. If you are struggling with hair loss and are looking for products that actually work along with some guidance and support, Adegen is for you.”

— Melissa S.

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Hair Growth System

Get started with our all-natural, clinically-backed regrowth system that helps stop and reverse hair loss in as little as 90 days.

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Visible hair growth in 90 days or less

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Effective for top, hairline, crown, back, & sides

Used by 10,000+ men and women across the world

“I've tried a handful of very expensive treatments. Ridiculous laser helmets... Topicals touted by Matthew McConaughey... and nothing made a difference till I tried Adegen.” — Scott G.

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It's Been Life Changing

“It's been life changing to say it simply. Hair loss had become such a struggle for me and took a major toll on my mental health. After trying everything imaginable I came across Adegen and the rest was history. 3 months in and the results were incredible! Hair was thicker and darker and I'm so thankful for finding these products.”

Spencer J.

Verified Buyer

Beyond Grateful...

“I’m beyond grateful that I have found Adegen. I have gained so much confidence from getting thick hair after using Adegen. I used it because my hair fell out in patches from hormonal imbalance issues and already having thin hair as a girl was hard. Seeing my hair grow back and become thicker took a magical amount of weight off of me. I’m endlessly grateful.”

Ashley M.

Verified Buyer


“I’ve used EVERYTHING for hair loss. These products have saved my hair. I am a life long customer. 10/10 will NEVER stop using. Thank you for such a great product that truly delivers the results you claim. Do yourself a favor and try this stuff!”


Verified Buyer

Meet The Founder

I’ve spent over 20 years and hundreds of thousands of dollars trying to solve my own hair loss. Thanks to Adegen I don’t have to worry about hair loss ever again. 

In high school, I was voted “Best Hair,” but at 18, I started losing my hair and my confidence. With family in the medical industry, I started to seek out a solution. 

After trying all the products in the market, and traveling the world, I realized everything offered was a scam and didn’t even begin to target the root cause of hair loss: lack of blood flow. 

So I started Adegen. I found products that not only work, but address the root cause.

— John Goss

90 Day Founder's 

Money Back Guarantee

We started Adegen with a simple goal in mind: Make a difference in the lives of others.

If you're losing your hair and have tried various other products without success, we've been there too. It's extremely frustrating and can also burn a hole in your wallet.

That's why after a decade of research on our formulations and over 10,000 happy customers, we'll take away any fear that you may have that we’re just another “hair loss” company that doesn’t stand behind their products.

We offer a 90-day guarantee on your investment to help ease any doubts you have about giving our regrowth kits a try.

In return, we ask that you commit to the unique protocol we've created. We can provide the best hair growth solution possible, but you must be consistent with it in order to see real, lasting results.

Give our regrowth kit a try today and if, after 90 days of consistent use, you're not happy, reach out to our team and we'll issue a full refund. No questions asked.


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