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The No. 3 is especially important.

Why is the number three such a significant number?

Well, three months is the first major milestone when it comes to reversing hair loss and seeing real, significant results.

Three months is crucial to seeing results because the anagen phase (growth phase) of the hair cycle is on average 90-100 days.

Give it three months of consistent use following the Adegen protocol and you'll never need to worry about hair loss again.

Adegen is a firm believer in under-promising and over-delivering, but many people in our private community are sharing before and after pictures of amazing results even as soon as one month. Click here to apply.

If you commit for three months and consistently follow the Adegen system, your hair loss problems are history.

Welcome to not only the most effective and complete hair loss solution ever created but also at a major discount to help you get started on your own journey to restoring your hair to full health.

The No.3 Kit includes:

  • (3) Adegen ARB Shampoo+ ($209.85 Value)
  • (3) Adegen ARB Topical Solution–5 / 5(S) / 15 / 15S / 15X ($449.95 Value)
  • (3) Adegen 10X Roller ($209.95 Value)
  • (3) Adegen SM+ Brushes ($59.95 Value)

There are extremely powerful synergistic benefits when using these products together.

By combining the Adegen ARB Topical Solution with the Adegen 10X Roller, studies have shown that you are literally increasing the effectiveness by a factor of more than 1500%+.

Then, similarly, by having (2) Adegen SM+ Brushes to use with the Adegen ARB Shampoo+ you increase not only the speed of application, but the effectiveness and absorption of the active ingredients for results never seen before in a hair loss shampoo.

To learn more about each of these individual products and how they can help you, please click on the individual product name under “Products” in the main menu (top left) for a complete individual product description.

This kit gives you the ability to cover the most important time frame at a dramatically discounted price.

It is much easier to maintain your results once you restore health to your hair follicles and 3 months and Kit No. 3 is the perfect vehicle to do just that.

You can choose your preferred topical solution by clicking on the one you want above at no additional cost.

Select either 5 / 5(S) / 15 / 15S / 15X.

Hair loss is history!®